How It Works

General Information

This easy access bus service is designed around the transport needs of people in Clare. We provide services in areas that would otherwise be without public transport and link you to the National Transport Network wherever possible. Community feedback contributes to the way this service develops.
Our services are designed for everyone, including those who don't have transport of their own or need accessible vehicles.
We all know a bus that passes one mile away from a person's home is no service at all if they don't have the means to get to the bus stop. To make this service a real option for people living in rural areas, most services are flexibly routed. Because the bus can divert when necessary, the routes don't always go directly from A to B and may take longer than a taxi. However your journey is important, so we keep travel time on the bus as efficient as possible and reliably meet our scheduled arrival times.
CLARE BUS PROMOTES ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORT - We prioritise people linking into the National Bus or Rail Network wherever possible


Nice to know

Nearly 6,200 people have registered with Clare Bus since the first bus went out in 2003, with an increasing number of visitors to the area also making great use of Clare's local bus.
We make every effort to ensure the service remains affordable, easy to use and friendly.
■ Get out and about- meet people on the bus
■ Take a break from increasing fuel costs and parking fees in town, the bus is great value!
■ Public Transport is better for our environment

Let your friends know:
■ Clare Bus delivers services throughout the county
■ All bus routes can be seen on our website
■ Ring, text or email to book
■ Register easily over the phone or in our office

Get On The Bus!

■ Clare Bus operate bus services in North, South, East and West Clare and parts of South Galway
■ Reliable services linking in to National Bus & Rail services
■ Anything from a trip to the shops to a day at the sea!
■ Comfortable low floor buses (with a wheelchair-friendly access ramp) provide up to 16 seats for easy travel
■ Infant seats provided for all babies and young children.
■ Luggage storage areas
■ Professional Drivers and dispatchers who go that extra mile to make your journey comfortable and reliable
■ Call us on (065) 671 9101 and we will help you find the services that work for you

Booking The Bus

Booking hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 1 pm
Journeys need to be booked in advance to make sure the bus comes to your area and that there is a seat reserved for you on the bus. Turning up at a regular stop without a booking can lead to disappointment!

It's important that people call the office to cancel their journey if they can't travel, as someone else may need the seat. 

It also makes sure drivers don't have to make unnecessary journeys, saving time and diesel.

There is only one way to book: 

- Call (065) 671 9101

■ Bookings are best made the day before travel as same day bookings may not always be possible.
■ Drivers cannot take bookings.