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Please use this section to find a bus service that suits your needs. Booking is essential to secure a seat, some routes are very well frequented, without booking a seat on the bus can't be guaranteed. As most services are flexibly routed within the given timetable, please call 061 924 375 for real time booking information


Make Sure Your Booking Is Seen!

we want to make sure we see your booking and respond promptly.
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About clarebus

Clarebus is a not-for-profit local transport company providing public bus services for Clare and parts of South Galway. Services are operated under the Department of Transport's Local Link program as part of Transport for Ireland. Our low floor buses provide easy access for every passenger and our routes are flexible to be responsive and enable more people to access the service. Booking through the Dispatch centre gives you real time booking information and ensures a seat on the bus.

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